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This past Monday we remembered MLK and the changes he helped to bring about to not only this country, but the way we view one another. Atlanta is the home of Martin Luther King Jr. and provides both visitors and those who call Atlanta home, the opportunity to remember Dr. King through the Martin Luther King Jr. National Park Site. The site is located in the heart of the city, in the neighborhood where MLK grew up, and across the street from the Ebenezer Baptist Church, the church that helped shape Dr. King. Visitors to the site can walk along the streets of the neighborhood Dr. King grew up in, visit the fire station where MLK hung out at as a child, see his childhood home (get there early for this as tours are only 15 people and fill up in the morning), venture into Ebenezer Baptist Church, and go in the visitor center for a museum outlining both MLK’s life and the civil rights movement. At the visitor center, visitors stroll around reading, listening, and seeing the impact of MLK and the Civil Rights Movement. We both were deeply moved and impressed at how well the visitor center reflected on such an important part of history. The site is not just the visitor center, but the places that defined Dr. King early on in life, creating a living history experience.


And as always there is the opportunity to get your National Parks passport stamped!