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Beachaven Winery was another stopping point on our never ending journey back and forth between Atlanta and St. Louis. Unlike other wine stops, this one fell a bit short, but primarily due to personal preferences. Although the location is ideal for hopping off the highway, having a break, and getting a new bottle of wine, the wine itself was just not our style. We are definitely dry red wine people and, unless we missed something, none of their red wine dazzled us. A majority of their better wine was fruity or sweet. As stated, we are dry red wine people, but since we couldn’t find a wine we liked we actually settled on our very first bottle of white wine. For those who enjoy white wine, Beachaven might be a more ideal stopping point for you. In the end, we are glad we stopped by to try something new, get a break from driving, and even branch out and get our first bottle of white wine, but will continue on our journey and try new wineries along the way.

Beachaven 2