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Now that the holidays are over we have returned for more crafts, recipes, and adventures!

Recently Margaret was asked to be in charge of decorations for an event called Advent Carols, which comprised of music and a small church service for Advent. The decorations were suppose to be centered around “candles, simplicity, and beauty.” For the event Margaret came up with three decorations to demonstrate this, while emphasizing the theme of Advent using blue as the staple color.

Decoration 1: Coffee Filter Wreath

Items Needed:

1 bag of coffee filters



Hot glue gun & glue sticks

First we started with two pieces of cardboard and cut them both into semi-circles. Make them as big or small as you want depending on the size you would like for the wreath. Then we trimmed the inside of the semi-circle to create the width we desired for the wreath. Afterwards we taped the two pieces together to create a circle. If you have a large enough piece of cardboard, you can skip this part and simply cut out a circle to the size of your choosing.

Next take the coffee filters and simply bunch them and hot glue them on to the cardboard. We would place the coffee filter around our finger to help bunch it neatly. Continue to hot glue the coffee filters on until you no longer see cardboard and it has a nice full look. Afterwards we added a ribbon that matched the candles for the event and tied a bow. It looked absolutely beautiful. The wreath has a very light and fluffy look to it. (We even caught several people at the event going up to the wreath to touch it). Overall we liked the wreath so much that we brought it back to our house and hung it up on our door for a little more Christmas/wintery decoration!

Coffee Wreath

Decoration 2: Snow Candle Centerpieces

Items Need:

Candles (You can use only one candle or candles of varying sizes. We got our candles from Ikea)

A small decorative dish

Epsom Salt

Modge Podge


Using a brush, cover the candle in modge podge and immediately afterwards roll it in epsom salts. Let it dry. Afterwards place additional salt on the decorative dish until the bottom is covered. Then simply place the candles in whatever arrangement you choose, with their snow covered look. We used candles of varying sizes for the event, but at home we had one individual candle and both looked elegant. You could always add a little holly, berries, or pine for an addition of color. This project was incredibly easy and, not including drying time, only took about five minutes. Overall, we both liked it so much, we set this up in our home as well, because it has a soft, wintery look that fit well with the wreath. Several people at the event apparently asked who did the decorations because it looked professionally done!


Decoration 3: Salty Candles

Items Needed:

Glass Jars (Mason Jars would look work as well)

Epsom Salt

Small Candles (Ikea)

Pour salt about 1/3 of the way into the jar, place the candle in, and light! This decoration merely takes a minute or two, but adds a lot of beauty in a simple and elegant way. We used these candles for our wedding as well and it was a perfect addition.