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Every year we throw a Christmas party back in St. Louis as a way to get together with all our friends. We typically play Holiday Charades, look at Christmas lights, eat sweets, and hang out. This year we began looking into food and decoration ideas and we both became excited and overwhelmed by the possibilities. We realized we needed to pick a theme and plan food and decorations around the theme. Our theme for the Christmas party-peppermint.

PP-Decorations 2


We used a few simple decorations to emphasize the theme of peppermint including wrapping paper with candy canes and peppermints on it, red and white ball candles, a big peppermint scented candle, wine glasses, peppermints, candy canes, a flower vase, and red and white ribbon for a bow on the door!

Decoration 1: Peppermint Wine Glass Candle Holder

Using two wine glasses and candles we created a fun and unique peppermint candle display. We had bought two ball candles, red & white at Michael’s, along with a peppermint scented candle. Placing peppermints inside the two wine glass, we then flipped the glass over with the rim facing down and set both of the ball candles on the base of the glass. The wine glasses looked like candle holders and were filled with sweet treats for an inside decoration. Between the two wine/candle holders we placed the peppermint candle-filling the room with the smell of peppermint & candy canes everywhere!


Decoration 2: Wrapping Paper Table Runner

We placed peppermint wrapping paper across the kitchen table to act as a table runner. This simple little addition helped add to theme & it aided in clean up!

Decoration 3: Candy Display

Using a flower vase, we filled it with peppermints and then hung candy canes from the rim for a candy display. This provided guests with a treat both for the eyes and the taste buds.

PP-Kitchen Table


All of the food went along with the theme and helped provide additional decorations. A great addition was cupcake holders that were ornate with two candy cane patterns. The candy cane cupcake holders were a perfect addition! All of the food worked perfectly with the theme, while also providing guests with some delicious and varied types of treats.

Plate 1: Peppermint Cupcakes

If you want to make homemade cupcakes-go for it, but since we were under a bit of a time crunch we made regular chocolate cupcakes from a box and then used both red and white icing. Then we sprinkled crushed peppermint on top for a minty topping. Afterwards we shaped the cupcakes into a candy cane with the red and white topped cupcakes. The candy cane cupcake holders were a perfect addition!

Plate 2: Red Velvet Cupcakes

Like the peppermint cupcakes, there wasn’t a lot of time to make everything from scratch since we had driven in the night before and been out shopping the whole day, so we bought a box for red velvet cake, made individual cupcakes, and just iced it with white icing, for a red & white cupcake blend, while in different candy cane cupcake holders then the peppermint cupcakes.


Plate 3: Peppermint Pizza

Taking pizza dough, simply shape it into a candy cane, place sauce and cheese on it, and lay the pepperoni’s out to look like the red stripes on a candy cane. Then throw in the oven and bake. This was easy, tasty, and a huge hit!

Plate 4: Candy Cane Cheese & Tomato Appetizer

This was a super easy decoration and peppermint themed snack. Simply place a light cheese and baby tomatoes into the shape of a candy cane.

Food Table

Drink 1: Peppermint Punch

Finally, for a beverage to top off the theme and give gifts a sweet drink we had a peppermint punch! Inside a punch bowl we mixed 1 quart eggnog 1 liter club soda and 1/2 gallon to a gallon peppermint (candy cane) ice cream. You can use a little more or less of both club soda and peppermint ice cream to change the consistency of the punch depending on your personal preference. We threw in a little crushed candy cane into the punch and then hung two massive candy canes from the sides. It looked absolutely perfect!

A few creative additions to the party brought by some of our guests were peppermint chocolate covered pretzels and peppermint chocolate covered oreos-they were absolutely delicious! We also had red & white holiday napkins, cups, and plates to correlate with the candy cane theme. The evening ended with us taking a drive down Candy Cane Lane, a street in the Francis Park neighborhood where all of the houses are decorated collaboratively for a fantastic holiday display.

Everything was minty, beautiful, and delicious.

PP-Group Picture