Beer and brats go together like peanut butter and jelly. We recently tried making our own beer brats, which proved quite tasty, and thought we’d pass along a couple tips.


Beer (3-6 12 oz. bottles/cans)


1 medium red or white onion


First, dice the onion. Then, place the onion, beer, and spices into a large pot, along with the brats. The beer used is important. The beer imparts flavor to the brats, so the better the beer, the better the brat will taste. We recommend a good Oktoberfest beer since the flavors of the beer pair well with the natural flavors of the bratwurst. For this occasion, we used Boulevard’s Oktoberfest, but there are many others from which to choose, based on local offerings. You can always try other types of beer as well. Getting better beer will cost more, but you will be rewarded for the extra expense. We used three bottles of the beer and added some water to top off the pot, but you can use only the beer if you like. You can also use whatever spices you like. We used coriander and cloves. Boil the brats in the beer/water for 15 minutes. Then, place the brats and the onions into a pan over medium heat until brown. After they are nicely browned, the brats are ready to eat, and you can add the onions on top for additional flavor. For a more authentic meal, pair with your favorite brew. Prost!