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An extremely simple stop in between St. Louis and Atlanta (or a long day excursion from Atlanta) is Bean’s Creek Winery. The winery is located right off the highway in Manchester, TN. Manchester, TN is located in between Chattanooga, TN and Murfreesboro, TN. Once you get off the highway it is on the north access road. Those driving by on highway 24 can literally see the winery from the highway.


We went to the winery during a weekend road trip to Russel Cave National Park, Old Stone Fort, and Lodge Cast Iron. The winery was the perfect addition to our small weekend road trip! Bean’s Creek had a solid selection of wines and are known for their port, which they encourage you to have chocolate with. We both agreed their wines are all decent. None of them were absolutely amazing to us, but none of them were bad. Our personal favorite was the Syrah Reserve and we bought a bottle for ourselves. Like the majority of wineries they offer a tasting, but unlike some wineries they charge for a tasting so for those driving through for a quick free activity this one will cost you. Also the price of wines were a little bit more than the typical small wineries we have visited in the area, but overall they had a great range of decent wines and prices. We both enjoyed visiting the winery and trying a new place.