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Russell Cave is a perfect stopping point for those in the Atlanta area or anyone traveling on highway 24. Two and a half hours northwest of Atlanta or twenty minutes south of highway 24 near Pittsburgh, Tennessee is Russell Cave National Monument that is not only a cave, but a museum, hiking excursion, and Native American site, as well as another place to get your National Park passport stamped. You enter through the museum, and it is a small display of the cave’s history and primarily the Native Americans who once dwelt there. There is also a short video to watch to give you a brief summary that outlines the museum and site. There is a short trail that leads to the cave. The people who utilized the caves are defined as the Archaic people, and inside the entrance of the cave where visitors can walk through are statues of the people demonstrating how the cave was utilized. There is also a trail to hike, making Russell Cave a great place to visit for avid hikers, history buffs, and nature lovers.

Russell Cave