One of our absolute favorite foods is gyros. In general we have discovered we really enjoy Greek food, but gyros are definitely at the top of the list. We decided we must try making our own version of gyros to have throughout the month and we tweaked it to save a little on expenses. This recipe is not necessarily authentically Greek, but it is our own way of enjoying gyros within our own home.


Beef tips or lamb

Olive oil

Steak Seasoning



Goat Cheese


Optional: tzatziki sauce, cucumbers, & garlic

This recipe is fairly easy and only takes a total of about 20 minutes. Simply throw the beef tips or lamb (we use beef usually since its cheaper) into a pan with olive oil and steak seasoning. Cook the meat until well done. Once the meat is done lay it on the pita and top it off with your favorite ingredients. We usually use lettuce, tomatoes, and goat cheese. In general, we tend to have couscous as a side with the gyros and they definitely compliments one another. Overall, we both love this recipe and how it allows us to have delicious, homemade gyros within our own home.