While living in the Czech Republic, meals began to get a bit creative since the majority of the food was fresh. Unlike the States where we buy frozen food and mix it with something fresh, every day was full of fruits and vegetables bought at a mini market right outside my apartment. Overall, the food selection, even at the biggest store, Tesco, was not nearly as expansive as grocery stores in the United States. The main grocery store across from the my apartment was called Lidl and was the size of an Aldi’s or Trader Joes. I rarely bought meat and just began playing around with spices to add variety to my menu. One of my favorite meals was stuffed peppers, which like the majority of my meals, lacked meat.


2-4 Peppers

2-3 slices or pepperjack cheese (or whatever is your favorite cheese, this is altered from what I used in the Czech Republic which was Eidam). Either use slices or slice yourself. You will need 4-5 slices of cheese if you use 4 peppers.

2- 2 1/2 Cups of Rice. If you are making four peppers, use four cups of rice.

Italian Seasoning (other seasonings work as well-whatever tastes good to you)

Parmesan/Mozzarella cheese grated/shredded

Start by cooking the rice on the stove top. As the water is boiling and cooking the rice, preheat the oven to 350 degrees then slice off the top of the pepper creating a little “hat” for the pepper (like when you carve a pumpkin!) and remove the core with the seeds. After cleaning out the inside of the pepper place it on a pan, lay the sliced cheese (whichever kind you prefer) around the inside of the pepper and on the bottom, like you are insulating it. Set the pan to the side with the insulated cheese peppers. Once the rice is cooked, empty the water and then add both the seasoning and the grated cheese. Stir the rice, seasoning, and cheese together to make a cheesy rice. You can add as little or as much cheese and seasoning as you want to create the perfect taste. Afterwards place the cheesy, seasoned rice into the inside of the stuff peppers, filling it to the top. Place a piece of the slice cheese on the very top and set the little “hat” of the pepper on top. Stick in the oven for about 10-12 minutes just to warm up the pepper and melt the cheese insulators. Afterwards, remove and enjoy! This is one of our favorite recipes and we make it at least once a month.

Stuffed Peppers

Side Note: We often add garlic to give it an extra pop of flavor!