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A great place to stop for those traveling along I-24 is Pheasant Hollow Winery in Whittington, IL. The winery is not actually off of I-24, but off of highway 57, which is the short stretch of highway in between I-24 and 64. For those who have driven through Southern Illinois, there are very few towns and Mount Vernon is one of the largest, so the winery is a great little hidden feature along the route. The winery is located right off the highway on a small gravel road, making it easily accessible for those just driving through. There are also plenty of signs posted along the way so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Pheasant Hollow offers a free wine tasting, which is an additional bonus for people who want to stop for a little bit, stretch, and experience something new. There was a wide selection and some solid, good wines. Pheasant Hollow is ideal for those who are into fruity flavored wines. Although we are dry, red wine people and that type of wine is not typical for Illinois wineries, we both recommend the Marionberry-it was rather unique and we liked it so much we bought a bottle for ourselves! Overall, we had a lovely time stopping at the little winery, trying new wines, and finding a new delicious wine, all while on our long travels back and forth between St. Louis and Atlanta.

Pheasant Hollow