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Originally we had a fantastic idea for a guest book for our wedding this summer, but it was so unique we could not find it anywhere to even create it. We wanted to have a photo puzzle, which was accessible. We also wanted there to be a white border around the picture that was part of the puzzle so people could sign directly on the puzzle and their signatures would frame a photo of us. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a place the did this, so we had to get creative. We wanted a guest book that we could actually use instead of placing on a shelf or in a closet. For months we had wanted to paint a simple letter M to decorate our apartment and add a pop of color. We had bought everything we needed:

Items Needed:

Decorative Letter (available at Hobby Lobby or Michaels)


Paint brush

We had found a chevron design and using a light purple and turquoise/light blue color we painted the pattern onto the letter. We both really liked the color and design that it added to the living room. Still unable to decide on a guest book, we realized the M was perfect for guests to sign and then display afterwards utilizing our guest book and adding color and life to our home. Each of our guests at the wedding used a silver sharpie to sign their names. Now in the center of our home hangs our guest book and all those who were a part of our wedding.

Letter Guest Book

Side Note: This project was cute even without the signatures so if you don’t need it for a guestbook it still works as art in the home.