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We love pizza. Due to our love for it, we never get tired of it and are constantly trying to get creative with it. We have implemented various substitutes for the traditional crust of pizza and we recently tried pizza on pita bread. It was absolutely delicious! Unlike a traditional pizza crust, the pita bread gets harder and crunchier. Since the crust was harder and pita bread has a natural lip the pizza remained inside, instead of losing cheese and sauce on the side; then the crunch was light and definitely added a new element to our traditional pizza love.


Pita bread

Tomato Sauce



Any of your favorite pizza ingredients!

Setting the oven to 350 degrees, place the pizzas in the oven for 10-12 minutes. The oven doesn’t need to be exceedingly hot since the primary purpose is to bake the pita a little bit, melt the cheese, and warm the overall pizza. Afterwards simply remove and enjoy. The size is ideal for a little individual pizza, making a large snack or a small meal. Pita pizza is extremely easy, delicious, and a new twist for us on the traditional pizza we both love.

Pita Pizza

Side Note: We used pepperoni, but this could definitely be meatless and full of veggies!