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Every night we go for about twenty minutes on a walk together around our apartment complex just to get some fresh air, check the mail, and utilize our leg muscles. We often talk about our future trips, plans for decorating the apartment, or our dreams for the future. While walking one night and discussing what we could add to the apartment, Micah found a beautiful leaf in the shape of a heart and gave it to me. It was so precious that I wanted to keep it. Placing it into a small Ikea frame, it fit perfectly and we put it up on the wall decorating our bedroom. Although I placed the leaf in the frame for sentimental value, we both ended up really liking it. A framed leaf is a simple addition that brings nature into the home.

Items Needed:



We had never seen anyone previously frame a leaf before, but we both really liked that it was so natural, sweet, and simple while adding color and life to our previously bare wall. This craft is super simple and after doing a quick search on Pinterest is apparently rather popular right now.

Leaf Frame