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While traveling in Italy, a friend met us in Rome. After a few days we headed north to Tuscany to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the countryside in Volterra, Italy. To get there you will need either a car or to take a bus up the steep winding roads. The drive is absolutely breath taking! Once arriving, simply turn around to see the incredible views. The entire city is surrounded by a wall from the Etruscan times and to enter the city you must walk into one of several gates located around the city. The city is not very large and is quite quaint, lacking the tourism of popular locations in Italy for a more authentic Italian feel.  The primary activities are simply roaming the cobblestone streets, shopping, venturing into stores to witness first hand the formation of crafts, and enjoying the food, wine, and gelato at local restaurants and cafes. The entire experience involves relaxation and culture. There is a museum within the city, as well as several small churches donning the classic black and white architecture of Italy. Just outside the city walls is an archaeological site that consists of the ruins of an old Roman theater. The town is full of history and charm.


We were visiting the city during their annual Medieval Festival. Although the city is usually less touristy, the city comes to life with visitors and history during the Medieval Festival. The streets are full of people, activities, costumes, food, crafts and traditions from 1398 including flag twirling, crest bearing, and parade marching! The festival portrays the town’s pride in their identity and represents the very nature of the small Tuscan towns. Volterra is a stunning town nestled in the heart of Tuscany that providers visitors with exquisite views, delicious food and wine, culture, gelato, and a snapshot into Italy in 1398, while simply strolling along and enjoying a slower pace of life.


Side Note: Rick Steves has a video on Volterra,Italy-you should check it out!