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While driving back and forth between Atlanta and St. Louis, we make stops to explore something new and to get a little exercise. State Parks are often ideal because they will have a short trail for us to go to and stretch our legs, as well as see some natural sites. On our way back we stopped at Mineral Mound in Kentucky. We had no idea why it was called Mineral Mound and we were excited to explore. Unless you are a golfer or a boater there really is nothing to see. Mineral Mound is essentially a golf course and a lake for you to go boating at. There are no trails or visitor center. We drove several miles anticipating history, nature, and exploration only to snap a picture of the sign and turn back the way we came. So if you are like us and want to stop off while traveling on I-24, Mineral Mound is not the place to go, unless you brought your golf clubs or boat along. Then enjoy!

Mineral Mound