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We are in to microbreweries, really in to microbreweries. We love them so much that our wedding reception was at Perennial Microbrewery in St. Louis where we went for our first date. Micah loves microbreweries for the beer taste and the extravagant experiments, while Margaret loves the microbreweries simply to try out a new place. Our latest microbrewery adventure was to Reformation Brewery. Reformation is one of the newest microbreweries in the Atlanta area and we agreed that thus far it is one of our favorites. Reformation is located in Woodstock, GA which is outside of Atlanta, but still in the metro Atlanta area. Although it is new microbrewery, they definitely are not lacking quality and have a great selection of beers. A personal recommendation is the Cadence (Margaret’s favorite) and Atlas (Micah’s favorite). Georgia has strange laws regarding alcohol so microbreweries are only open for a few hours at a time, with limited drinks to tastings based on tickets, food cannot be sold there, and you have to pay to even enter the microbrewery for the “tour.” It is definitely not like microbreweries in other states where you simply come, hang out, and have a beer or two. So remember before going to a microbrewery in Georgia to eat quite a bit beforehand because you won’t be able to get a bite to eat and you need to prepare yourself for drinking strong beers quickly in the limited time the microbrewery is open. A common theme throughout microbreweries is a modern, industrial vibe and Reformation was the perfect blend of modern and cozy. The decor matches the overall experience of Reformation-it is well done. Even with the beer laws, we have loved tried new microbreweries in Atlanta and definitely enjoyed (the) Reformation.