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For Christmas last year we received candles in little mini mason jars that were adorable. Once the candle burned away we couldn’t simply throw them away so we decided to reuse them and we created our very own mason jar monogrammed luminaries.

Items Needed:


Paint brush

Mason jar

Small candles



First use the tape and scissors to create whatever letter you would like to monogram onto the jar. We were making the jars for friends and chose the first letter of their name so an A and a L. We cut the tape into the shape of an A and L and then placed them onto the jar. Then place the another tape letter on the exact opposite side. You could place the exact same letter, or place a letter for their first name on one side and a letter for their last name on the other side, or if you are working with a larger jar you could place four letters around the jar in whatever variation you choose. The project is yours, so add whatever design or letter you would like. Next paint the jar, including painting over the tape, using whatever colors or pattern you like. Let the paint completely dry. Once dry, peel the tape off and you are left with a clear space that will allow the candle light to shine through. Afterwards place the candle into the jar and light it!

Monogrammed Luminaire