Due to a new found interest in the crock pot, we have been throwing things we like together and hoping it turns out and thus far it has been successful! The crock pot might be one of the greatest inventions-you throw everything together and just let it sit until all the ingredients are savory and delicious. We decided since our last crock pot recipe worked why not try again? So we just threw a few things in, added some seasonings, and ended up with the best crock pot meal yet-savory beef stew!


Chicken Broth

Beef Tips (We get the pre-cut ones from Trader Joes)

Baby carrots (or carrots chopped into smaller pieces)



Steak Seasoning

Meat Tenderizer Seasoning

Fresh herbs from the garden (Oregano & Rosemary)

As stated, crock pot recipes are super easy-all you do is throw everything together! First we placed the chicken broth, beef tips, and seasoning in and let that simmer on low for four hours. To avoid the potatoes and vegetables from being too soft, we let the meat cook on its own with the seasonings before adding the additional ingredients. Next we threw in the potatoes (which were chopped into small pieces), celery, carrots, and another round of seasoning into the crock pot. We then let that simmer for another 3-4 hours and were left with a delicious savory dish! There was extra left over and each time we had it again it somehow became even better. The crock pot method definitely allowed all of the flavors to soak in and make everything perfectly tender. We both enjoyed the fact that unlike soup, where you are hungry shortly after, we were actually filled up and warmed. The ingredients make for a hearty meal and this is definitely a recipe we will use again! We had a perfect evening with a warm tasty beef stew, Cardinals baseball, a homemade smoothie, a fresh cool fall breeze blowing in, and Harry Potter. This recipe is ideal for a cool autumn night.

Beef Stew

Side Note: You can definitely switch out the seasonings to create whatever flavor you would like!