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Although Halloween is almost here, this craft definitely carries through to Thanksgiving or it could be your Halloween evening activity! This year we plan on staying in, giving candy to anyone who comes (eating the rest ourselves), baking “fall” goods, and carving a pumpkin-so for anyone who wants to stay in, put in a few Halloween movies, and relax at home this may be the perfect craft to decorate your home.

Items Needed:

Pumpkins/squashes/gourds of any size you choose

Fake leaves

Glitter (remember a little goes a long way). We got a variety of glitter packs from a craft store with an assortment of silver and golds.

Adhesive spray

This project could really only take you a few moments, so it just depends on how much you want to decorate. Start by laying out either old newspaper or scrap paper on your work surface. Next lay out the items you want to decorate with glitter. Spray adhesive onto each of these items and simply add glitter. We ended up blending different colors of glitter to create our own colors. For the bigger pumpkins we did a contrast glitter on top and for the little pumpkins we left them plain, but placed glitter on the leaves we arranged underneath them. Although this project was messy at times with the glitter and adhesive ,we both really enjoyed the fall festivity it brought to the apartment. This is a great decoration because you have fun making it, but can throw it out at the end of the season instead of worrying about storage-as well it really got us excited for fall!

GlitterPumpkins2 GlitterPumpkins1