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Quite awhile before we were officially engaged we started planning our wedding and unlike most people we didn’t live in the same city, or state, or even country. Margaret was living in the Czech Republic and Micah was living in Atlanta and our primary form of communication was Skype. We did the majority of our wedding planning over Skype so that once we were officially engaged we could quickly get married and let everyone know what is going on. One of the first steps for us in wedding planning was picking colors. Micah went to a home improvement store and grabbed a bunch of paint chips within the color scheme we wanted so that we could go through and pick the colors out together over Skype. After the colors were picked and the wedding was over we were left with a handful of paint chips that went together. We hated just simply throwing them all away and so we decided to reuse them. Combing the paint chips and an old plastic picture frame we made a calendar composed of all the paint chips.

Items Needed:

Plastic Photo Frame

Paint Chips

Dry Erase Marker

Double Sided Tape

This project was fairly easy and only took us about a hour. First, we picked which paint chips we wanted for the calendar and then laid them out how they would be inside the frame. Depending on the size of the paint chips you may need to cut them to ensure they all fit within the frame. After cutting them, we then measured the distance in between each chip to ensure they were perfectly aligned. Since the back of the frame is brown and we wanted a white background we simply flipped the piece of paper that comes in the frame around to have a plain white background. Next we attached double sided tape to the back of each paint chip and placed them on the white paper from the frame. After placing all of the paint chips on we put the paper with colorful chips inside the frame. Finally, we went through and added all of the days and dates to our calendar, as well as any upcoming plans we had. This was a simple project that reused things we had around the house, added a pop of color, and made us feel like an official married couple with a combined calendar!

Paint Chip Calendar

Side Note: We placed it in our entryway and we definitely add things to it all the time! Currently we are considering doing something similar for a weekly menu to lay out are weekly meals.