We have two grocery stores that are our regulars-Aldi & Trader Joes, which ironically both stores are owned by the same family. Once or twice a month we go to Aldi’s to stock up on basic items like bread, cheese, granola bars, peppers, ect. and then each Sunday we go after church to Trader Joes to get specialty items. Unlike most grocery stores Aldi & Trader Joes are smaller (much more European) and have less options of the same products. For instance, instead of having five plus different brands of salad dressing you will only have one of two, but still have a nice variety-so half an aisle is condensed into two shelves. The great thing about Aldi’s and Trader Joes is that they have unique items unlike your typical grocery store and the items rotate out so new things pop up each week for you try (which can be frustrating if you find something amazing and never find it again). I absolutely love grocery shopping because I walk down the aisles and make up recipes in my head or figure out ways I can make the product instead to customize it toward my likes. At larger grocery stores if I walked down each aisle and looked at every product I would be there for hours, overwhelmed, and probably penniless by the end so Trader Joes and Aldi are perfect for my grocery store meandering. A couple weeks ago we were at Trader Joes and we got a bag of frozen garlic potatoes and peppers-it was absolutely delicious! We decided we should try to create this recipe for ourselves so it would be made with fresh ingredients and seasoned just the way we like it. Thus the pan-fried peppers and potatoes was created!


Olive Oil

Fresh herbs (Oregano & rosemary)

Italian Seasoning (Steak Seasoning works well too!)

2-3 cloves of diced garlic

Pepper-any color will work

Potatoes (two for two people worked well, but we didn’t have any leftovers)

Place olive oil into a pan and slowly heat it up. Chop up potatoes into small pieces about the size of a large crouton and throw them into the olive oil. Once the potatoes are in the pan you can turn the heat up. Be careful of the olive oil because it may pop up. Next we threw in seasoning and fresh herbs from the garden. As the potatoes soften while cooking, chop up the peppers and add them in. Wait to add the peppers until the potatoes are partially cooked to prevent your peppers from becoming to soft and droopy (unless you don’t like your veggies to crunch; then go ahead and put the peppers in right away). Continuously add olive oil and mix around the potatoes to ensure they do not stick to the pan. Next throw in a little more seasoning of your choice. Finally dice up some fresh garlic and place it into the pan for a pop of flavor!


Side Note: This recipe was even better then we imagined! Since then we have made it several times changing the size of the potato or what seasoning we use and each time it is absolutely delicious.