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The title may appear to be daunting list of activities, but it is actually all in one place-the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Fest-Of-Ale, Ogre-tober, Scarecrows in the Garden, Imaginary Worlds, and the Four Seasons are all going on simultaneously at the Atlanta Botanical Garden making it easy to have a lot of fun and justify the price tag (Entrance into the gardens is $18.00 for adults, plus parking).

Atlanta Botanical Garden is located essentially within Piedmont Park, making it centrally located within Atlanta and during the fall it is packed full of activities. Throughout the month of October the Atlanta Botanical Garden is open on Thursdays from 5-10 pm. in the evening and showcases a variety of fall beers (bring cash!) for an event called Fest-Of-Ales. You can walk around all of the gardens with your favorite fall ale and see the various exhibits currently going on in unique and delightful way. Although some areas are lit up with decorative lights, bring a flashlight too, as some areas are completely unlit or simply get there earlier before it is dark out. Throughout the gardens are various exhibits intertwined into the gardens themselves. One of the current exhibits is Ogre-tober, which is the combination of Scarecrows in the Garden and Imaginary Worlds. Scarecrows in the Garden is a collection of scarecrows decorated by local businesses and schools that are scattered throughout the garden during the fall season. A more permanent exhibit that is available throughout the summer is Imaginary Worlds, which is a variety of large plant sculptures. These sculptures are a twist of the classic plant sculptures by intertwining different plants to create creatures, making for a fun piece of art. Finally, be shocked by the large heads portraying each of the seasons that are intricately decorated with plants and foods you would find during that season in an exhibit called not so coincidentally The Four Seaons. Once you have strolled the gardens you can sit down, relax, and listen to the music of live bands with the Atlanta city sky line shining in the background! We went after work and had a delightful time experiencing the gardens for the first time and getting into the fall festivities with a cold craft ale.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens Fest-Of-Ales

Visiting the Atlanta Botanical Gardens during fall is the perfect way to check the Atlanta Botanical Gardens off your must-see list as your senses are overloaded: visually with all the exhibits and the twinkle of the city lights, audibly with the sounds of local musicians, and tastefully with the sip of a classic fall ale, all while feeling like you got your monies worth!