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Since we live in an apartment instead of a house in Atlanta we didn’t pick any of the hardware and although we both are fine with everything, we wanted to add a little personal touch to our kitchen to make it a bit more “us.” While shopping at a craft store we spotted some wrapping paper we thought was basic and classy, but we couldn’t think of a purpose for it. We decided to buy it and thought we could use it for presents if we didn’t come up with anything creative. Well due to our desire to add a little something to the kitchen and utilize this wrapping paper we decided to add a back splash to the inside of the cabinets and drawers. This makes for an inexpensive way to add your own personal touch!

Items Needed:

Double sided tape

Wrapping paper



This was by far the most tedious “craft” we undertook, but afterwards we were satisfied with our little home improvement project. We had to first go in and measure each cabinet and drawer, then cut the wrapping paper accordingly. This part was extremely time consuming and took several days to finish because all of the cabinets were varying sizes and the paper might need to include different pieces. We used a black & white damask paper, which made lining up the paper difficult at times. Since we used a pattern we also had to figure out a uniform way to have all the wrapping paper facing. If you use a plain color or a simple pattern this would alleviate some of the time spent. Next we placed small pieces of double sided tape to the back of each piece and placed them into the cabinets and drawers. Afterwards we were left with a cool design behind our dishes, glasses, and silverware. This is also an easy project to clean up if you are a renter. We had placed these in a previous apartment and the basic double sided tape came right up! As stated, this was not the simplest project, but it definitely made us feel more at home. This project was great for adding a little extra you to your home and is a good option for those who are renters like us and have limited means on changes you can make.

Wrapped up Cabinets!