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We originally made this decorative “M” as a cake topper for our wedding cake, but instead it became an accent piece in the card holder at the reception. (Creative idea: We used my grandmothers old luggage that she used to immigrate to America to hold the cards and it just happened to match the color theme). After the wedding we decided we liked it so much that we needed to use it as decoration in our living room and it also serves as a book end!

Items Needed:

Letter (You can purchase these at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. We decided to go with an M for Miller-our last name)


Small paintbrush

Letters at the craft store are either a wood or a white/black press board and we recommend the wood or the white colored letters to ensure the underneath color doesn’t bleed through. All you need to do is paint the letter with a color of your choosing (or even add a slight pattern with multiple colors). You can choose a color that either matches to bring the room together, or one that contrasts for an extra pop of color. We had painted it silver since the wedding colors were light blue and light purple, with a silver accent. Although we only needed one coat of paint, we decided to over it several times-so its just personal preference. This was such a simple project, but it really added to both our wedding and our bookshelf. We both liked the fact that this project was so simple because we didn’t have to work on it all night, it was an inexpensive project, and we really like having “M” for Miller things in our newlywed apartment.

Side Note: The letter can be placed just about anywhere so it was easy to incorporate into the home and the wedding!

Decorative Letter