Although many people have had chocolate strawberries, very few people seem to have made them. Perhaps the lack of homemade chocolate covered strawberries is due to the fact they are considered a “specialty” item and therefore that means they must be impossible, right? Well we were at least under that impression, but decided why not and tackled them ourselves. It ended up being much more simple than we realized and a delightful treat.


chocolate morsels


You read the ingredients correctly-there are only two. Strawberries are fairly cheap at Trader Joes or Aldi’s so we are usually stocked with them each week.

To make chocolate covered strawberries you need to heat up the chocolate. Heating the chocolate is definitely the hardest part, so consider having an extra set of hands to help. Place a pot of water over the stove top and bring it to a boil. Once the water is heated up place another pot of the chocolate morsels above the water. Do not dip the pot of chocolate into the pot of water as it ruins the consistency of the chocolate. The steam will heat the chocolate and make it into a thick liquid form. Taking washed and then dried strawberries simply dip them into the chocolate. If the strawberries are still wet the chocolate may slip off making for a delicious treat still, but perhaps a little less appealing on the eyes. After dipping the strawberries into the chocolate we placed them onto a pan and put them into the refrigerator to harden. Once in the refrigerator we let them sit for around 2 hours to ensure they were hardened. We have made these several times now and each time they are absolutely scrumptious!