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Being from St. Louis, we are huge Cardinals fans and luckily this year the Cardinals gave me a special birthday present-they were in town on my birthday. My sweet husband got us tickets for two of the three game series. What more could I want? Cardinals baseball and a new Atlanta attraction!

Turner Field will be moving locations in a few years, but it currently sits where it was placed for the 1996 Olympics, making it part of Atlanta’s history and culture. Although few things remain in downtown Atlanta, Turner Field still stands and brings in people from all over the Atlanta metro area to watch the Braves step up to bat, or in our case the Cardinals! The stadium was filled with not only Braves fans, but Cardinals fans. We both were surprised by the fact that Cardinals fans seemed to be more numerous almost then Braves fans, but Turner Field is donned with Coca-Cola products and a large Chick-Fil-A cow making it feel very Atlanta even if the stadium itself isn’t a sea of Braves fans. We sat in the nose bleeds one night and in the outfield the other night and both sets of seats provided us with a good view and time. Tickets are fairly cheap and provide tourists or Atlanta city dwellers with a fun, but inexpensive evening. Parking was the most expensive part of the evening, but was extremely convenient as it surrounded the entire stadium and was only a short walk away. Like most baseball games, the game is filled with little activities throughout all 9 innings to add a little more for visitors who think baseball isn’t enough. We both really enjoyed the unexpectedly inexpensive nights full of baseball in Atlanta (and cheering on our Cardinals!).

Cardinals Game