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This craft appears fairly simply, but it is a bit more difficult than expected. After it was finished though it definitely added a pop of color to our primarily silver themed bathroom. As well, we added old baby’s breath from the wedding shower and a fake purple poppy flower to give an additional kick of color! Items Needed: Empty wine (or beer) bottle Paint & paintbrush Hot glue gun & glue Fake/real flowers First you need to write whatever it is you want to appear on your bottle. Since we are newlyweds we went with our last name “Miller.” Using a hot glue gun we wrote Miller onto the bottle. This part was  difficult as it was hard to keep the shape of the glue consistent. Luckily, if you do mess up you can peel the glue right off! Next you simply paint whatever design you would like on to the bottle. We chose to do a block coloring on the bottle, with Miller one color and the rest of the bottle framing it in a different color. Another issue that may emerge is the paint cracking. If the pain cracks you can either repaint it or leave it for a more weathered look. Afterwards you simply stick whatever flowers you prefer (real or fake) and there you have it! This craft was definitely fun & added something to our bathroom. Side note: There are plenty of other neat ways can reuse wine bottles or branch off from the idea of using a wine bottle for a vase.

Wine Bottle Vase