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One of the biggest industries in Atlanta is Coca Cola. Coke products seem to dominate the city and the surrounding area. The city not only is home to the Coke factory, but also proudly promotes their product at the World of Coca-Cola. We had heard hype about the museum dedicated to Coke products specifically and decided it was definitely a very Atlanta place to check out. The current location is packed with several Atlanta attractions, including World of Coca-Cola, Centennial Olympic Park, Skyview Atlanta, Imagine It! Children’s Museum, Georgia Aquarium, CNN studio tours, and various other nearby attractions. The centralization of Atlanta attractions is unlike the rest of the city, making this an ideal area to visit if coming to Atlanta for the weekend to visit or to just have a “touristy” weekend in your own city. The location we visited is actually the 2nd site and the original site is several blocks away with a large unlit Coca-Cola sign above it and across from it Underground Atlanta (another “Atlanta tourist” attraction).

After waiting in a rather long line and paying the hefty Atlanta tourist price (we are from St. Louis where the majority of activities are free-please excuse our lack of tolerance for admission fees) we finally entered the famous World of Coca-Cola. Once inside you will see massive Coke bottles decorated with varying themes that are quite creative and make unique Coca-Cola art. Everyone is directed into a room with a large array of Coke memorabilia and listens to a short talk about Coca Cola’s history. Afterwards everyone goes into a theater to watch a moving, yet unrelated to Coca Cola, short video. Then all those in your group are released into the World of Coca Cola to “discover the secret ingredient” that is locked away in the vault. As expected, you are the secret ingredient. Even though the release of secret information is not very clever and a bit overly dramatic at times, the overall vibe is fun. There are various rooms and attractions to tour including a walk through of the bottling process, a museum of Coca Cola art, a 4D movie to discover the secret ingredient (be aware of the “mosquito bite,” which in all reality is a metal pole stabbing you in the back), a walk through to the vault that includes a plethora of vibrant graphics, and more displays of over sized Coke bottles artwork. The last room is probably the most exciting for visitors, as it houses Coke products from all over the world. Although this room is fun and delicious, be careful as people get rather pushy and the soda is extremely carbonated so you get full quickly. Being from the Midwest, we both had a hard time getting any sodas, because it went against our nature to shove people to get to soda. A personal recommendation for when you finally do reach it to the front of the line is Inca Cola-when you walk into the room go left towards South America! After discovering this sensation of flavor that is packed into an Inca Cola while traveling to Peru several times I was so excited to finally share this delightful soda. Once you have filled up on soda, you grab your complimentary goodie bag that holds an individual glass bottle of Coca Cola and head to the exit. Of course you must first walk through the large gift shop filled with Coca Cola products for every aspect of your life. Overall we found this museum to be interesting and for sure worth a one time visit.

Side note: There is a City Pass you can purchase if you are in for the weekend. Since we live here and didn’t do everything all at once we didn’t purchase it because it needs to be used within a few days, but is great for tourists.

Coca Cola Museum