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As mentioned in the Kennesaw blog, just south of Kennesaw is Marietta, GA. Marietta is full of character and charm, with an adorable city square, but one of the places that is unlike anywhere else is The Big Chicken. The site is literally a giant chicken that houses a Kentucky Fried Chicken. We try to be creative in our various site seeing and like to incorporate all aspects: history, sports, nature, art, etc. and one of the most important things about every adventure is eating-it is necessary. We also like to find places that are unlike anywhere else and truly give us a feeling of discovering a hidden gem and The Big Chicken definitely exudes that. The Big Chicken provides visitors with a quirky experience unlike any other. Whether you are driving through the Atlanta area and need a place to stop and eat, or you are simply bored and need a little excitement, The Big Chicken will provide you with food, a peculiar picture, and a chuckle.

The Big Chicken