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Besides our general aversion to Atlanta pushing us to get out and explore, we are definitely people who like to keep busy, experience new things, and travel to a plethora of places. Due to our fascination with traveling and the inability to visit Europe once a month (which we would both love) we have made it a goal to visit every Atlanta attraction, all sites within a five hour radius (a weekend/day trip), and truly experience the South while we are here for the time being. One of the places we have explored and visited several times now is Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.

Kennesaw definitely encompasses a variety of our favorite things: history, hiking, exploring, new stamps in our National Parks Passport, a museum, and another item to check off our list. From the inner city of Atlanta it takes about 40 minutes (not including horrendous traffic, so we recommend going on a Saturday or Sunday) to get to Kennesaw, making it the perfect day trip. There are various hikes around the mountain, but the most popular one appears to be the one straight up the mountain. The hike straight up is about a mile and doesn’t take too long to complete, but definitely gives you the feel of a workout as it is a fairly straight up hike. Overall, the hike was quite pleasant and led to views of Atlanta, Stone Mountain, and the overall Georgia topography, which is quite beautiful. Kennesaw was the location of a battlefield between the North and the South during the Civil War and at the top of the mountain you will not only find incredible views, but cannons. You can find out additional information about not only the battle, but the Civil War by stepping into the museum. Although the museum was small, it was laid out well and provided additional insight into Kennesaw to help visitors understand the importance of this site. Nearby to Kennesaw a little further south is Marietta, which has an adorable city square and makes for a great place to grab a bite to eat after or bring a picnic lunch.

Overall we both really enjoyed Kennesaw and have come back several times to get away from the city hustle and bustle, experience nature, get a little exercise, learn a little more about American history, explore, and simply enjoy a free attraction.