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Although we always say we need only a few more touches to make our apartment perfect, we seem to constantly find new little additions we must have and this project is definitely one of them. The project is simple and easy, but definitely added quite a bit. It took us only five minutes to complete it, but we both agree it brought a new comfy vibe, a delightful aroma, and an additional piece to our home.

Items Needed:

-Vanilla candles 3-4 inches. (You can find these at craft stores and dollar stores for cheap)

-Coffee beans (We bought an inexpensive brand that doesn’t make the best cup of coffee, but definitely has a strong smell)

-Empty candle holders (You can either purchase these at a craft store or reuse old candle holders. We simply saved our old small candle holders from Ikea).

All you need to do is pour the beans about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way up the jar and then push the candle into the beans leaving half of the candle exposed above the beans. Everything is finished and all that is left is to light the candle, enjoy the flicker of the candle light, and take in the aroma of coffee and vanilla.

Side Note: Various candle smells could work as well to create a unique scent that appeals to you.

Candle In Coffee