Crock pot recipes have become our new favorite Sunday dinner meal. Each Sunday we come home from church, throw everything in our adorable damask crock pot, and get to lunch, cleaning, and crafts! Here is the recipe we threw together.


Half a container of chicken broth.

2 large/4 small chicken breasts cut into small pieces.

Pinch of garlic salt.

Half a bag of the small baby carrots.

4 stalks of celery.

Tablespoon of Italian Seasoning.

Half a container of lemon/lime juice.

Dash of salt & pepper.

Throw all of this together, plus any of your favorite herbs or spices. Place on low for 8 hours or high 6 hours. We also went out to our herb garden and snipped off a little rosemary and oregano for an extra kick! After simmering for 8 hours we carved out a large sourdough bread and placed the lemon chicken inside the bread bowl. (Check out my blog on what to do with the extra bread carved out to make homemade croutons). Since the chicken simmered it was extremely tender. It was absolutely delicious!

Side Note: If you would like to make it a bit heartier you could always throw in potatoes for a little extra.

Lemon Chicken in Bowl